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Anger Management: Fight the workplace fury

Anger Management

You were passed up for that big promotion, again.

Auntie Aishah from payroll is pestering you about expenses, again.

The client wants to turn the brief upside down, again.

Workplace anger is a real thing. Evidence suggests many employees are walking around the office feeling resentful, though we may be unaware of the cumulative toll our pessimism can take on our careers and coworkers. Learning to deal with your anger constructively will improve your well-being will make you a more desirable and promotable employee.

Sometimes the anger may stem from outside sources. Many times, Malaysians are dealing with stressful events in their own lives, and the resulting anger can carry over to the workplace. Few people address their emotional situations head-on (especially in Asian culture), so we tend to bury those feelings, which can cumulate into anger or rage over time.

Workplace anger is not only potentially harmful to the organisation, but it can also cause serious health problems in yourself. According to studies, the most common root causes of these problems are pent up frustration, irritation, nervousness, anger, and disappointment.

Here are some tips to help you calm your nerves in bad situations.

Breathe in, breathe out
Count to 10, step back, and collect yourself. We know your instincts might be telling you to shout and lash out on the subject of your anger, but that’s not smart. Take long, deep breaths to calm your nerves. It may not take all of your stress away, but it gives you enough time to clear your head and avoid possible confrontations. Still can’t deal? Go for a five minute walk around the building.

Find a release
If you often find your blood boiling under pressure, think of a way for you to vent out your anger. Some people go for runs, write down their feelings, play instrument, heck they even go punching bean bags. Release negative feelings without taking it out on your teammates.

Get your Zen on
Take all your negative thoughts, put them into a mental ball and push it away till you can no longer see them. Sure, we sound like an entry level yoga class but it works! Take a few minutes to meditate while you are feeling the rage build up. Avoid revisiting the issue in your mind, and don’t hold grudges against anyone. Letting anxiety consume you is unhealthy and will hinder you from becoming the best version of you both in real life and at work.

Seek help
If your anger is impacting your career and job prospects, approach your employer and ask for assistance. Some companies offer therapy as a part of their Employee Assistance Programme. It’s nothing to be ashamed of and probably costs less than firing you and hiring another employee. Or, look for a mentor in the office (or outside it) who can offer some guidance.

Keep a positive outlook on life
Despite all your troubling thoughts, try to find your happy place. We all go through stress at work, and dealing with it is often a matter of perspective, or addressing the root of the issues. Instead of sulking and cursing the world, think positively and act to make things better.

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