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How to Prepare for Monster Malaysia Virtual Career Fair

You may have been to a career fair before — it's quite an experience: joining hundreds (or thousands) of job seekers, all in one place, to meet employers who have positions to fill.

Great if you happen to be in the same neighborhood — but not so convenient if you're a few hundred miles away.

As part of our continuing efforts to help job seekers manage their careers and find great jobs, Monster Malaysia is hosting a Virtual Career Fair (VCF) an online version of the traditional career fair, with all the benefits of a live event (but without the long queues!)

Monster Malaysia Virtual Career Fair will run from
June 22nd -26 th 2015. 

If you're an aspiring job seeker register today.

Each employer will have its own 'virtual' booth with the information about the company and the jobs available.

Also, you can interact with employers and put your queries to them. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection with Skype and you're all set to communicate and engage with employers and apply for jobs in a virtual environment.

Get Prepared: 3 Tips for Success in Monster Virtual Career Fair

As with any job interview or in-person career fair, being prepared is key.

1. Make sure your resume is up-to-date. Your resume is one of the first things that potential employers see first, it's important to proofread it carefully and highlight your top accomplishments clearly.

2. Research employers. You never want to enter a conversation with an employer without knowing a little bit its goals, its products, and its mission. See the list of participating employers at the bottom of this post; then go to the company websites and do a bit of research. This is knowledge that will serve you well during the fair.

3. Set some career goals. Instead of saying that you're 'open to any opportunities', mention your professional strengths, specific skills and interests. This will increase your chances to land a job.

Spend a little time to list your goals to target your efforts (this is much more effective than scattershot applications). You may also create an elevator pitch or a personal brand statement that will help you explain the value you can bring to an employer, in easy-to-remember sound bites.

Following employers have secured 'booths' at the Malaysia Virtual Career Fair:

- Cargill                                   
- Scope International       
- Experian                             
- HeiTech Padu                    
- Randstad                            
- FJ Benjamin                       
- Bank Rakyat                      
- PacketOne Networks    
- Worley Parsons

If you haven't registered yet, click here to register for Monster Malaysia VCF now.